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Redesigning the mobile experience to improve TV customer conversion

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Redesigning the mobile experience to improve customer conversion

Project Scope

As part of an interview challenge with SlingTV, owned by cable provider Dish Network, my assignment was to re-design the mobile home page. I gave myself a 48-hour, self-imposed deadline to complete the project below. 

My role - Lead UI/UX designer, user tester & researcher, brand evangelist 

The Problem

With a growing number of cable customers opting to "cut the cord," SlingTV finds itself in a very competitive market. The problems needing to be solved included better explaining what makes SlingTV different, more easily and informatively sharing the various package options and a cleaner design to entice more customers, especially first-time visitors to 

The UX Process

  • User research & interviews

  • Competitive analysis

  • Initial by-hand sketching

  • High fidelity wireframes

  • Content & copywriting

  • Usability testing

What the Research Told Me

While browsing the existing site, potential customers I spoke with didn't know why SlingTV was different from any of the other on-demand options, making them hesitant to commit to becoming new customers, even with the offer of a free week trial. 

One of the major differentiators that separates SlingTV from the competition is the offer of live TV but in the existing design and content strategy, this is both unclear and buried on the site. 

The current design is pretty text heavy and cramped. This made it hard for potential customers to quickly and easily scan the page to help them towards the calls-to-action, instead confusing them and discouraging them to engage. 

Before & After

Current design

New design

Design Decisions

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